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From House to Home

Staging a home maximizes the selling-points of your home and downplays less desirable aspects. That is why all of our listings are staged personally by Bethany and the Better Co. team, using your furniture and belongings.

When you Sell Better with Better Co. you will receive a comprehensive room-by-room staging assessment on the functionality of space, depersonalization, organization, and the overall presentation of the home-taking into account the specific market area and likely buyer. 

We also include an "updates and repairs" consultation. Based on the comfort level of the seller, Bethany provides recommended updates or repairs that are proven to add value or better terms to the sale of the home. 

This STAGE TO SELL service is valued from $300-$500 dollars, depending on home size, and is a complementary service for our clients.

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1037 N Blair Ave Royal Oak MI-003-005-10
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