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Bethany's Top 10 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Oh yeah - it's the time of year again when the flannel comes out, fire pits are lit, leaves start to fall and pumpkins are carved!

Amidst the cider mill donuts and apple cider, there are 10 major things you need to do in order to get your house ready for Fall!

Why? Well, I hate to say it but... winter is right around the corner and it's better to do a little maintenance work on the weekends while the weather is cool and balmy than scrambling at the last minute - or during the first snow!

michigan pumpkin patch
It's finally time to enjoy the cider mills and pumpkin patches!

Bethany's Top 10 Tips to Get Your House Ready for Fall

1. Check Your Windows & Doors

Leaks and drafts are the difference between waking up to a cozy Fall morning and feeling like you're already an icicle. Look for drafts yourself, or hire a professional to inspect your home and ensure it's airtight!

2. Tend To Your Fireplace & Chimney

There's nothing better than curling up with a good book, cup of hot cocoa, a blanket and a good book to enjoy those chilly Fall evenings... but make sure the cornerstone of your home has had a good cleaning before you use it. Cleaning your fireplace and the chimney ensures you're well-protected from chimney fires and, if we're honest, life always feels better when everything around you is clean!

3. Stock Up on Firewood

If you have an outdoor fire pit, smoker, wood-burning grill or fireplace, make sure you stock up on firewood as early as possible. In the winter months, you'll thank yourself for thinking ahead and you'll have firewood ready whoever you need it!

4. Check Your Roof & Clean Your Gutters

Even if you're afraid of heights, take a look at your roof and see if there are any damaged portions and cracks. Next, check your gutters and rid them of any debris and leaves. Clogged gutters can not only cause rot, but gutter blockages that send water tumbling in the wrong direction. Gutters are designed to direct water away from the house so it doesn't soak the foundation and create additional issues down the road.

5. Check Water Drainage

After you clean out those gutters (right?) you should be good to go on water drainage from gutters, but you want to frequently check that all of your downspouts are clear of blockages. They need to be facing away from your home's foundation, walkways and also your driveway. Fall is known for strong winds so it's easy for downspouts to be knocked out of place. Protect your home by doing a little walk-around every weekend, or every other.

girl with green fingernails holding hot cup
Ensuring your home is in order "leaves" more time for apple cider and time with friends.

6. Trim Trees & Hedges

The greenery around your home has been in overdrive during the summer, so it's time to do a little Fall trim. Check all of your trees, shrubs, bushes and hedges and give them a trim. If you don't, you run the risk of trees growing into power lines or creating a safety hazard if they grow too close to your home.

7. Rake Your Leaves

Place leaves into a compost pile or those expensive yard bags from Home Depot. Ensure you do this multiple times so that the heavy, wet leaves don't ruin your beautiful grass. It's always suggested to start raking early so that the leaves don't pile up too much. Plus, you can always rake them into a big pile and give the kids (and yourself) something fun to do for a couple hours!

Extra Credit: Round up your Fall and Winter essentials and ensure they're organized in your garage. Think about the main essentials that you need, like your leaf blower, broom, rake, gardening tools and winter essentials like your snow blowers, snow shovels, ice salts and scrapers. Organize these ahead of time and you'll be streamlined throughout Fall and into Winter!

8. Fertilize Your Lawn & Plant Bulbs for Spring

Speaking of your beautiful green lawn, applying fall lawn fertilizer can help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Check with a local gardener or gardening supply store, like English Gardens, to find out what type of fertilizer will be best for your yard, as well as when and how to apply it.

Next, plant your tulips, iris', daffodils, hyacinths or spring lily's before the round freezes and becomes too hard to work with. These flowers will all bloom brilliantly in the Spring, and your future self will thank you!

9. Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Clean all of your pool chairs, loungers, and cushions and place them in a dry storage area throughout the winter. If you have Fall furniture, it's time to decorate! However, remember to put your Fall furniture away in time for winter, as well! Cover any grills and place them in a dry place, as well.

10. Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit, Furnace & Boiler

It's always a good idea to plan ahead! Home Depot, or your friendly neighborhood hardware store, sells air conditioning covers. You can also go online and search for the perfect size for your unit and have it delivered right to your door - talk about adulting!

Next, ensure that your furnace or boiler is good-to-go... before temperatures really start to drop. Getting them inspected is highly recommended, and a little maintenance will will help keep energy costs down during the colder months ahead.

Now that your home is ready for Fall, time to go enjoy the season!

P.S. For those who made it all the way through this blog, I'm letting you in on a secret! Keep an eye out for Better with Bethany's upcoming Fall Pumpkin Event. If you're subscribed to my blog, you'll be the first to know!

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