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A Time For Thankfulness: My Top 4

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Thanksgiving is here yet again. I know that this year it could feel more difficult to find things that you’re grateful for. To say this year has been difficult for most is truly an understatement. While we could focus on the trying times that we're all going through, on this day of gratefulness and thankfulness, I want to share the things I've learned and the lessons that 2020 has given me.
  1. Time With Family. As many of you know, my family has grown by six people this year. Although you see the cheery and positive sides of that on my social media, there are also truly trying times that many of us are all facing as we're at home with our children and our families more and more. The gift that this has given me is the ability to build deeper relationships with my family and my children. To be smacked in the face with the struggles that we have that we try to ignore on a normal day-to-day basis are things we can no longer can minimize. So, I choose to see this as a gift that we've been given in order to work on ourselves, our issues, learn to ask for help from outside sources and give each other and our families grace. None of us are perfect and each day is an opportunity to grow and be better.

  2. Nature. I have to admit that the amount of time I spent outside in 2019 was a lot less than in 2020. For me, 2020 has been the year of walks! I've gone through forest adventures, walking trails, enjoyed long talks with my friends and my family throughout the seasons. I no longer worry about the weather, but choose to bundle up and get outside because I know how good it is for my body and soul. Reconnecting with Mother Nature is truly a blessing. We can find beauty in all that she has created.

  3. Protect My Energy. Before 2020 I would say that my life moved at light speed. I always wanted to do more, accomplish more, and rush rush rush! Now, things have changed. I choose to slow my mornings down so that I can get my kids started on their schooling. I take weekends off from work. I stop working at a certain time each day so that I can spend time with my family. I pay attention to what I'm consuming, whether that's social media, movies, podcasts, music or people. If a relationship or conversation I'm having brings too much stress or if it doesn't align with where I'm at in my life, it's sucking my valuable energy and not filling me up. When I realize this is happening, I limit the time I spend on those things or I cut it out completely.

  4. Slowing Down My Judgment. I live in a world that seems to want to push me into a box one way or another, so I decided this year to think freely and analyze everything. I needed to sit with things to see what I truly believe, to listen with intent of understanding instead of judgement; especially when it comes to people who think differently than me. By giving a safe space to people who need it, they're able to share their opinions, to be overwhelmed, to be upset, to be happy, or whatever it is. Through this, we are able to find our common ground. This can be challenging, as I have strong opinions about many things, but I think it's an essential lesson for my children to see. If I truly am a person of love, then I must show that love - even when it's difficult.

I know this year has not been what any of us planned. I’m sending you all my love, my well wishes and all my gratitude for being along on this crazy journey of life with me.

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and your family.

Bethany A. Reyes

Keller Williams Realty 248.259.6583

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