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Bump Bump Bump it up!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Are your kitchen cabinets 10 years old or older? Are your cabinet drawers and doors beginning to stick or slap loudly into the frame?

It could be that your cabinet bumpers need to be replaced!

What is a cabinet bumper?

Most people don't even know that cabinet doors have bumpers, but yes, they do. If you'll open a cabinet door and look at the inside corners you will see a little plastic disk that is stuck to the cabinet, They can be clear or colored depending on the color of your cabinets.

This tiny little a"bumper" protects the cabinet face from abuse as well as providing a quiet close instead of a slam!

Over time the plastic decomposes and gets gooey or flattens and no longer can do the job and even can cause your drawers to stick. Scrapping them off with a putty knife and replacing them is an easy fix.

Purchase your bumpers in the cabinet department of a home improvement store near you!

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