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Our Children Need Us

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This fall I have had to do more hard things for my children than ever before.

There's a lot that sucks in our world right now, let's be honest. Virtual schooling isn't ideal - not for teachers, children, or parents. I'm happy to admit that this is really, really hard. Like... knock down, drag out hard. There are days that I don't want to do it anymore; where I just want to lay in bed and let the world pass me by.

More and more I am having to face the hard reality of my children struggling. It's in my face, in my living room, in my kitchen and in my house EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are all struggling. That breaks my heart.

However, through the struggle we are all facing, it has once again brought me back to my social work background and growth mindset. It's how I'm surviving.

The only way to survive this time, or event attempt to thrive, is to shift my thinking.

I can collapse and break down. Chris and I take turns when one of us needs a break or a moment to cry. But, our children need us to get up. They need us to have hope. Our babies need to see that we can feel and struggle and also overcome.

  • How do we learn from this?

  • What can we control?

  • Who can we ask for help?

It's heart wrenching when I see my babies have to go through things that I never even had to endure. Sitting on the computer for 8-10 hours a day attempting to learn is nothing I have ever had to do, but they're doing it.

I send all my love, energy and care to all of you out there dealing with this.
I see you, I know your pain, I know this isn’t what we want or what they need.

Mothers and Fathers out there, I know its hard, I know you are tired, I know we can’t see the end yet.

But our children need us…

They need us to be their warriors, their advocates, their biggest cheerleader and also to tell them the truth when they need help. They need us to show them how to advocate for themselves how to overcome how to stand up when we fall down.

If you need to break down like most of us do, I get it. It's okay to feel it. You can always call me, or call a friend and let it out. And then, get back up and move through it because...

They need US.

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