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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

If you are a homeowner in the northern states like Michigan, there are certain things you must take charge of in the spring, and now especially that some of you might have time on your hands or extra little hands to help you.

Clean the gutters 

Make sure they that all of your gutters are in working order. I good time way to check is during a rainstorm. Arm yourself with a raincoat and boots and head outside to check to see if water is running where you want out to be running, away from the house. If not you may have holes or seams that need to be patched, or leaves and gunk stopping them up. If you have a one story home it may be a simple do it yourself task. If you need to hire someone, it is well worth the $50-$60 if will take someone with all the ladders and equipment.

Defend against pests 

Check your house for any small openings around pipes and wires that could let anything unwanted in and use a can of spray foam to fill them. Put out ant and moth traps in advance if you have had trouble in the past, or sprinkle diatomaceous earth under that stove, around the perimeter of kitchen and doorways. It’s a natural repellant. Or try an electronic plug-in like Pest Destruct that emits a frequency discouraging pests to stick around.

Prepare air conditioning system 

Clean the coils and the filter. Wash the condenser outside Trim away any plans growth from the unit, and make the drain line isn't clogged. While you’re out there, turn on any outdoor faucets that were winterized in the fall. Turn the knob on your humidifier from winter to summer and give the air con a trial run on the first warm day so that you won’t be stuck high and hot during a heat wave.

Check your decks 

Another consideration might be carpeting your deck which may save you the hassle of staining for a few years as well as provide protection from slivers and a soft place for feet.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors  

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. That annoying beeping from your smoke detector telling you it needs battery, can be avoided by changing the battery yearly. If you have high ceilings and especially if you are a senior citizen don’t be afraid to ask for help. Fire departments in some towns are happy to oblige.

Clean out your pantry

Remove everything and wash the walls and shelving good, giving special attention to niches, corners and brackets that might be hiding places for unwanted visitors. Make certain all your grains and nuts, seeds and other yummy pest edibles are well contained in sealed containers, removing the contents of any opened bags. Take stock of what you have and need and organize according to your own way of thinking. Some categories might include, canned goods, boxed goods, snacks or side dishes.


Any time is a good time to declutter. Keep a box in your bedroom and garage that you can fill with things you want to get rid of as you discover them. That shirt no longer brings you joy…in the box. That tea kettle won’t work on your new stove…in the box. The when the Salvation Army and other donation sites are open again, you’ll be ready to clear it out.

Organize your paperwork. 

Go through your paperwork as well as your online addresses and contacts. Get rid of what you don't need, delete, delete, delete, while filing the paperwork you do need to keep in a cabinet or file box so you don’t go crazy the next time you need your tax data or that relative’s address.

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