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Staging to Sell: The Better with Bethany Advantage

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Staging to sell your home isn't as expensive or scary as you think - especially not when you have the Better with Bethany Advantage.

The Better with Bethany Advantage

  • Use your own furniture: 99% of people think that staging to sell is an expensive ordeal, but Better with Bethany makes it easy. We use your own furniture almost all of the time, bringing in new pieces only if we absolutely need to.

  • It's the small things: We'll chat about whether or not you need to paint your cabinets, redo floors, or make other repairs.

  • Professional assessments: Unlike other realtors, Bethany assesses your home based on where you're at, what you can do within the timeframe we're working in and also shows you the ROI.

Do I have your attention? Let's dive a little deeper, shall we?

It's The Small Things & Sometimes Even The Big Things That Make a Difference

We all know that even the smallest improvements to your home can make the biggest difference when selling. Big or small, it simply depends on your timeline and ability to do repairs, updates or renovations.

In order to make this process as easy as possible, Bethany conducts a professional assessment of your entire home and provides you with a list of repairs or updates that'll make your home the best on the market.

It's completely up to you whether or not you choose to make all of the changes, but one thing's for sure - you'll know exactly what to prioritize. How? Bethany provides the exact ROI you can expect from every update or repair that you make on your home.

This personalized analysis of what you'll make on your home if you renovate, sell as-is, or choose a variation of repairs/updates/renovations is provided as a value-added service from Bethany!

Other small things that Better with Bethany ensures are in tip top shape: editing family photos and personal items from the space and even ensuring bathrooms are staged with brand new, fresh towels.

Your home should feel like a fresh and clean hotel when potential buyers walk through for the first time!

From top to bottom, inside and out, Better with Bethany ensures your home is staged to look its very best!

Space Functionality & Flow

Better with Bethany stages each home based on:

  • Who's buying your home: Bethany stages your home to appeal to your target buyer. If it's a family home, we may pay attention to the dining room over a home office. Or, if it's a single professional neighborhood, the home office may take precedence over a formal dining room. Whatever your area requires is what Bethany stages to.

  • Space functionality and flow: Ensuring that each room is staged so that your ideal buyer will immediately envision themselves in the home. We want to make it as easy as possible for each potential buyer to walk in and immediately fall in love - and give you top dollar!

  • Optimize sunlight: Bethany prepares each room so that it'll receive the most light during the day, so it'll be the perfect new home for your buyer.

Each space that's staged by Better with Bethany makes sense. If buyers walk into your home and they aren't able to envision their life in it, they'll have to work harder to try and envision it - and by that time, we've missed a golden opportunity. First impressions always leave the deepest memory, so putting your homes best room forward is exactly what we do.

Spending the Big Bucks on Top Marketing & Photography

Better with Bethany chooses the top real estate photographers in the Metro Detroit area to take high end, top quality photos of your home. It's imperative to market your home to potential buyers using the best photos and marketing strategies - that's how we're able to ensure you're getting top dollar. We spend almost twice as much on staging photos, for the inside and outside of your home - and the results show.

If you're thinking of selling, SELL BETTER with Bethany.

You'd Better Call B! To learn more about the Better with Bethany Advantage or to schedule a meeting with Bethany, Contact Us.
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