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Are You Nurturing Your Super Power?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

You've probably heard stories of huge valor and amazing feats of strength that parents feel when their child is in danger or in need. These huge feats can seem unreal or unattainable, until you understand it for yourself.  

When I became a mother, I was able to make tough decisions and to see the real changes that I needed to make for myself and my life. It wasn't just my life anymore; it was now our life.

What if we could have the same strength for ourselves that we find for our children, even when we feel we have none?  What if we could tap into that super power for ourselves?  What if we could fight relentlessly for what we need and deserve? 

We can.

Cultivating My Super Power

My love and strength for my son gave me a window to see and understand my power, but not just for him. My power is also for me and for the girl inside that had bigs dreams of a happy and healthy life. I dream of traveling the world, loving those around me and having joy for each day. In order to make those dreams a reality, I started being a warrior for me.  

I took the clarity and fight I found in achieving the life for my son that I was proud of, that he deserved and that I so desperately wanted for him and refocused that on myself.

My son helped me cultivate the power required to do the hard work inside and out, to succeed in working through the pain that life can bring, and to find healing in my own inner child.  

Today, my dreams are a reality.

Cultivating Your Super Power

Whether or not you have children - you already have this same power inside of you. You just have to find you Super Power and unleash it. 

How? By nourishing your soul and listening to the young boy or girl inside of you that had dreams, that enjoyed the beauty of nature, the playfulness of life and the irreplaceable love of loved ones. 

Don’t you miss that girl or boy?  Don’t you miss jumping out of bed excited for the day? 

You can have it again. It's possible and you know what the best part is? When you're happy and embracing your own power, you become the best example, inspiration and version of yourself for all the world to see - children included.

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